Africa Day ought to be renamed Africa Sadness Day

The joke is on again; but such a sad and sick joke. What a sad day that’s Africa Day!

Africa Day should be a day of mourning for Africa; for the continued destruction of the African mind by way of falsification through a colonial education that’s at the heart of everything wrong with Africa’s politics that affects Africa’s development and African life in general.

The mind is the greatest resource for any society. Falsify the mind; and change society. A society whose mind has been falsified through a foreign social, economic value and belief system is no longer the same society; even in its outlook. Most importantly, it’s no longer the same in its aspirations and source of inspirations because these are influenced by and therefore a consequence of the (state of the) mind.

But both aspirations and inspirations are crucial to and form the basis for – and are at the centre of – socio-economic and other (kinds of) development in any society. The state of the African mind is influenced and affected by Africa’s toxic colonial education.

The education of the coloniser – the oppressor; cannot and is not designed nor is it intended to educate the colonised and oppressed into freedom: mental freedom. Or to train and equip the mind of the colonised and oppressed with the capacity to challenge the colonial and oppressive system. Africa must fix its education; it must completely divorce from its colonial pedagogy that trains ‘would-be‘ African ‘leaders‘, among other things, to frame their development aspirations from a colonial perspective while seeking inspiration from their coloniser and oppressor.

Africa Day is such a sad and sick joke! It mocks African life and lives instead of mourning for the continued destruction of African life and Africa.

Some fifty-eight (58) years after the founding of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) on this day, 25th May 1963; Africa is (still) in a mess, socio-economically and politically, with endless (proxy) conflicts (for Africa’s resources) ravaging the continent and destroying many lives; from north, central to south.

The OAU had been co-opted by neo-colonial influence and interests leveraging on the greed of the African political elite long before its fate was sealed when it was hijacked and transmogrified into the current vampire the AU. Many Africans believe, rightly, that the AU does not exist to cater to and serve African interests; and neither does it substantially address Africa’s critical and urgent socio-economic and political challenges.

Ostensibly the AU is African, but many Africans are deeply sceptical – almost persuaded beyond any doubt- that the AU is only African in name; but a foreign agency headed by Africans who, many Africans with an African consciousness, regard and fittingly describe as “House Negroes”.

Africa Day must be renamed Africa Sadness Day!